Christmas is Coming

Our “dragony” Christmas is on its way, and to celebrate, we are spreading our dragons all over the place. Throughout the holiday season, our books, including our news Sneaky Dragon, can be found at these great spots around Richmond:

Art Works in Old Manchester

Alchemist at Stony Point Fashion Park

Chop Suey Books in Carytown

All three books in our dragon series can also now be purchased at Amazon as well.

Happy Holidays!

Janie and Glenda



Dragons We Are II

So last week you got to read Glenda’s flamy, scorchish DRAGON story. Now here’s Janie’s riff on the same theme. Are you a dragon? We think we might be…at least sometimes.

Are We Really Just Dragons?

There are days
When my teeth feel HUGE
And pointy

And my tongue feels like
It wants to throw flames
Hither and thither

At anyone and
Every one
I behold

It happened today
I was thinking really mean things
About everyone in my path

And I began to consider
How fun it actually might be
To be


Then I thought,
“You know,
Maybe we actually all are dragons.”

We are essentially just
Barely tamed wild animals
After all

Running around doing mean things
To one another and
Making up excuses for

Why it’s OK
To do them
In the first place

Things like:
“She pushed me first,” and
“It was my turn,” and such

And then there’s all the
Yucky stuff we keep
Doing to the planet!!!

That’s a lot like flame throwing you know
Have you noticed, the forests are on fire a lot lately
Aren’t they???!!!!

Well I could go on
And on
Down this ugly road don’t you know?

So there you go.
That’s my argument
Do I win the debate?

Are we? Or are we not?
Dragons, barely disguised as humans
And running around reeking havoc?

Trying as hard as we can
To devour one another
Before we ourselves get eaten?

© Janie Wilson