Glenda Kotchish


I own an art center in Richmond, Virginia and every month we have a party with new artwork, food and wine.  How fun is that!

I have a banking and IT background and found myself illustrating some quite boring documents to make them, well less boring.

I write about everything because, everything can be a story.  I love short stories and believe that some day they may weave themselves into a novel.   Favorite short story author:  Neil Gaiman. He’s amazing. I hope you like my stories, some funny, some serious, some mysterious.

Janie Wilson


​I am a philanthropic thought partner.  This means I help philanthropists consider how best to use their various resources of time, talent, influence and money.  I have a mantra that I like to use when I do this:


Isn’t that what we all crave—an abundant life?

My abundant life has been full of so many things; an early career in interior space planning and design; two beautiful daughters off doing interesting things with their lives; a second career in the social sector; and a second family that includes four more delightful young adults (and of course their fabulous father).

In the midst of all of this, I began to write fiction, poetry, memoir and so forth.  It just came over me like a gentle spring storm.  I have a novel and two novellas in the works, along with an anthology about wandering with my parents through their many years of dementia…