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The other day we were both feeling a bit scorchish, and we began to imagine that all of us are really dragons parading around as people. So we decided to write about our flamy imaginings. Here’s Glenda’s take. 

Watch It!

It was a good thing it rained yesterday–yesterday, when I was out walking in my “neighborhood” over by the construction site. A new building is going up and everything is a big, muddy mountain of dirt. The workers throw the trash from their lunches onto the sidewalk and the street. Bottles, chip bags, Styrofoam containers, plastic bags are everywhere. And I was out and about, traipsing over this collection of artifacts. I was steamed but I ignored it.

But then, I tripped on the bag of concrete and the detour sign, left on the sidewalk–blocking my way. So I let loose. I couldn’t stop myself. My nose grew hot, my jaw opened. I threw a flame that melted their misplaced sign–melted it into a puddle of plastic–orange and black. Gone. Humph! “That feels better,” I thought.

It’s a good thing that rain cloud burst and put out the fire on the fence. The chain-link fence was about to melt away, too, which would have made the police cruiser passing by, stop and nail me for larceny. As it turned out, the officer didn’t see a thing–not my dragon self, anyway. He saw only the little old lady making her way down the sidewalk, gray hair–smoking a little.

My advice to you is: Watch it. Don’t cross me. I’m a dragon after all, and I’m feeling testy these days.

© Glenda Kotchish
October 23, 2019

Stay tuned for Janie’s next week.  


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